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Because a perfect functioning of your installation of the utmost importance, we have our own service teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our service technicians are familiar with each type of installation. In their service vehicles they have almost everything at their disposal to remedy. any equipment brakedown that may occur

We also have large stocks of reserve materials so that if a major equipment failure occurs we can remedy the problem in the shortest time-span possible

Even if are not already a client of our's, you can always contact our service department for repairs. Our service department is available year-round - 24/day



For optimal use of the installations and a long product life, it is recommended that a yearly check-up is performed for all screens and installations.

Our technicians carry out a professional maintenance. During the maintanance servicing, small repairs are carried out on the spot.

By maintaining the screening installations properly, major equipment failures are much less likely to occur and thus the overall longevity of the product is increased also giving the grower a better return on his initial investment.



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